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About Fostering Sophia

About Fostering Sophia


Five-year-old Heidi shares her most special book with her teacher. Heidi holds her breath when Miss Janel opens the book. She knows it will be their favorite. Heidi sees a picture of a door. While she listens to Miss Janel read, the door magically opens and Heidi goes through it. Where could that door lead?

Fostering Sophia was inspired by Janel’s own story. She experienced the idyllic beginning. A beautiful, healthy baby girl was abandoned at birth at the hospital.  Janel was told it never happens, but it did.  With hopes of adoption, she loved her as her own, realizing the depths of a mother’s love. After the baby’s father unexpectedly came forward, every day for Janel and Sophia became as their last and ultimate gift.  Janel’s role and the foster care system’s goal changed to support reunification.  The rarity is also her continuing relationship with the child, and her grandmother, who lives just five minutes away from Janel.

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A message from author David L. Harrison

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A heartfelt book for children.


This is a heartfelt book your children and you will love. Janel wrote this book from her experience with a foster child. The love and joy she shares on the pages will bring a tear to your eye.


Beautiful words, beautiful illustrations, beautiful author. 

Sharon Kizziah-Holmes - Kids Book Press

Beautiful story to share with the whole family!

Beautiful story for children and adults to enjoy. This is such a great read, the story is so touching and heartwarming. Also, a wonderful book to help kids understand fostering and adoption. I would definitely recommend this for everyone. This is a must read! Love it!

Sonja Prole

The beautiful side of fostering.


Janel Alicia should be congratulated on her first book and I look forward to the next; perhaps we shall one day learn how young Heidi grows up with a father and a “mother” who are unrelated in any way, and a Grandma who gratefully balances the extended family.

Taran & Celine

 A treasure of a book. 


I sponsored 25 Fostering Sophia books, so every Springfield Public School library in our community would have the opportunity to have a copy. As a parent, I know firsthand that books open minds and hearts in our children.

     I felt it was important that foster children remain hopeful, that they too might one day have a special foster mother, such as the wonderful one in this story. Every child deserves this rare, unconditional love, which does not expect nor require anything in return. This is something to strive for as a birth mother or "mommy of the heart.”

     I also wanted foster children to know the lasting impact they have on their foster family, however short or long their stay in a home. I further believe this story shows how this relationship can transcend socioeconomic and cultural boundaries, allowing a foster child to feel the loving support of the family they touched and have been touched by, even after returning to their biological family.


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